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Why should I check the size of the radio before purchasing

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Why should I check the size of the radio before purchasing

Buyers are required to check the size/dimension of our DVD GPS Navigation radio with his/her original radio, to be sure they are the same, which is based on reasons/possibilities as follows:

  1. Cnbuynet.com addresses the vehicle name/model for our specific car entertainments/electronics/accessories, according to our experience and popular saying, but people in different regionse, or people of diferent level/ different understanding,  may have some difference in addressing an identical vehicle, or regard different vehicles, or vehicles of different year/versin as simply the same name. For example, Toyota Corp released updated Camry in year 2007, and we call it 2007 Toyota Camry, and All products from cnbuynet.com specified for Toyota Camry 2007 means it's ok to install, but if buyer's Camy was actually first released in 2006(we called 2006 toyota camry), but buyers purchased them in year 2007, some of them may also call it 2007 Toyota Camry. In this situation, our products like CBNDTL0003 does not fit, due to big size/dimension difference, the right product is CBNDTL0002. To save trouble and avoid loss, we specially add product dimension picture for buyer's reference and it is the only final ultimate criterion.

  2. Most vehicles company will bring their top sellers worldly, which means most car models from one vehicle company will be also offerred in other continents/regions. Some are modified to meet local conventions/culture, and some are produced without much modification. Carpcdvd.com will make efforts to figure out possible difference of the dashboard( radio section) of the same car model, and make the description as accurately as possible. We will try to add insalling effect of each radio, which is more helpful for buyer to determine. But we cant guarantee, It is buyer's responsibility to check the size if buyer can not determine from products shape/appearance.

  3. Car models from the same vehicle company, usually carry on/inherit features from other models, including radio shape and dimension. Ford New Mondeo shares the same radio dimension with Ford New Focus, so in some product tittle or description,  there are more than one car models are mentioned, and nevertheless, car models not mentioned may be installed if dimension is ok. To determine if his/her car really is ok to install the products, the best way is to check the dimension.

In addition, some cars applied CAN-BUS technology, while others do not, especially VW vehicles. If the product is not stated that it supports CAN-BUS technology, You'd better confirm with us before purchasing, our support team will help you figure out compatibility.

If buyers failed to check the product size and finally had the problem of installing, it is the buyer who takes responsibility for it. If unfortunately, the size is not suitable when installing, and not caused by carpcdvd.com's measurement error, return is still accepted, but:

(1) Asking for refund or exchange is subject to some restocking fee.

(2) If buyer confirms that he/she wants to change to another suitable model, cost for shipping current item back and new item to buyer is at the buyer's expense. If buyer just wants to return it for refund, cost of both way shippping is at buyer's expense.

(3) Exchange or refund proceeds only after returned item is received by cnbuynet.com. We will check the condition of the package as well as if all original packaging and accessories are included. We may send it back to you at your cost and expense if item is broken or accessories are missing( including but not limited to)

(4) Item lost or broken during shipping is buyer's responsibility.

On the whole, we hope buyer can be serious and check the size of our radio with your old one before ordering. We are ready to offer help if you have any questions.